Mar 6, 2018

Adding Some Fun to Serious Business

I have been always a visual person. My notes in my text books, notebooks alike used to have loads of little drawings and diagrams more than words. Loads of arrows, text bubbles, typography, shapes and doodles to make the subject matter understandable and easily remembered.

Taking the same idea forward, here is one sketch note I did for a keynote presentation on Oracle CX Suite!

Apr 12, 2017

Gift Wrapping Mania

I have been a bit lazy in posting stuff here for a while. But hoping to get back soon.

Meanwhile, I am posting some fun gift wrapping stuff I did in the past months. I love DIY stuff, and love to get crafty to break the monotony of a humdrum life.

Christmas themed gift packing, when we played Secret Santa at work :)

Some playful packaging to be given as prizes on a Family Picnic Day :)

And finally an 'I had a Blast' giveaways for children.
Thank-you, for watching this space. I hope to be back with more fun-stuff soon.



Nov 17, 2014

Colors of Life

Colors of Life, Mixed Media on Paper ©Ritu

Today it felt good to pick up my brush and paint after a long while and play with colours.

Getting up at 5:30 a.m and heading to Central Park at Rajiv Chowk for Colorothon 2014 seemed totally worth it!


P.S. And this painting made it to the winners' list. Wohooo :D

Feb 10, 2014

Digital Caricature


She is B's one of the most favourite colleague and yes her boss too  :)  
When she decided to resign and move to a new city for a better opportunity, B decides to give her something memorable. She gets in touch with me for a customised artwork to be framed and gifted to her lady boss at the farewell party.

Now the challenge for me was I have never met the lady and the pictures that B sent all looked so different from each other, as the lady kept experimenting with different hairstyles (curly, wavy, swavy, poker straight) and makeup in all pictures. I could not get a hang of her actual essence. But then after a lot of back and forth with B, I managed to capture her into my digital canvas...all set to soar high!


Oct 9, 2013

The Goddess in Every Woman

Celebrating the woman among us

It is the Durga Pooja season. No better time to post this concept artwork I did up recently.

The whole inspiration to do this illustration came from me being a part of the initiative of a small YWCA  group in formation of Noida region who are working towards the empowerment of the women from economically challenged backgrounds residing in the nearby villages of Noida.

This artwork draws inspiration from Durga to represent the goddess in each woman which arises when provided with the right tools/weapons for empowerment.

I have used the image of Durga  as an inspiration for women to fight for their rights as the goddess herself did. Any woman who manifests extraordinary strength and is totally unafraid to empower herself can be treated as a manifestation of goddess Durga.

There is Durga in every women, it only needs to be awakened. And all we need are the right tools for empowerment.

These tools include:

  • Vocational Skills, 
  • Civic Education- awareness of rights and duties, 
  • Health and Nutrition, 
  • Gender Equality
  • Financial Services (for micro businesses) and 
  • Halting Child Marriage.

To know more check out the ywca website and the facebook page :o)

Happy Navratras and Durga Pooja!